Monday, March 20, 2006

Because I love him, I have to be honest...

....He's a complete and total ass. And to think he represents all of America.

Yep, that's it. I'm moving to Canada.


shortensweet said...

Um..yeah...what he said...

bunnyjo georg said...

Who died and made him God? What he is saying is the political equivalent of, "Because I believe it, it is true."

Cocks and bollocks!

Anonymous said...

he needs our prayers

Mom said...

It has to be true because I read it in the Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

ha ha

bunnyjo georg said...

Grandma: he not only needs our prayers, he needs a good old fashioned healing - cast them demons right out of him!

Mom: And everyone knows everything in the Enquirer is true...especially about the woman who gave birth to an alien! Hellow!

Ancient Clown said...

Bunnyjo georg said:"Hm, ancient clown sounds a little bit like Siddhartha!"
Siddhartha or Imam Mahdi
who will appear at the end of time, through whom Allah (God) will set mankind’s affairs straight, and will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it was filled with wrongdoing and oppression.
His name will be the same as the name of the Prophet Allah. Arabic translations of the Bible also employ it, as do Roman Catholics in Malta (who pronounce it as "Alla").
If I was either, do you think George would LISTEN?

If not, then stop him and help him walk in the way.
No use moving to Canada though, the polititians are trying to turn it into the U.S. as well.
No use waiting for any of them to change or it'll be over first.
Everything you NEED for your journey is already out there waiting for you in EXACTLY the right have but to go on it.
Just because you walk by yourself doesn't mean you walk alone. (remember "Footprints")
Before Christ...I AM.

your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

bunnyjo georg said...

Ancient: Wow, am I curious. Do you consider yourself an avatar of Imam Mahdi, then? If not of him, then who are you an avatar of? What do the references to Christ mean? Do you consider him a prophet like Muhammed and Allah?

Ancient Clown said...

prior to his emergence an eclipse of the sun and moon will occur.

This is happening NOW.
AVATAR is merely a word within my name. I AM, who I AM, nothing less nor more. I just asked what if?

your humble servant,
Ancient Ward Vall Clown
(What's in YOUR name)

Ancient Clown said...

Of course, I humbly invite you to go through everything I've put up and test it for yourself.
Just because I say it doesn't mean it's true and just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's not.
I AM, only followed by the willing & the wise.
your humble servant
Ancient Clown

bunnyjo georg said...

Ancient: I like the way you think. Perhaps you go a little farther out on the limb than I do, but I dig it. I'll bet though, you get a lot of people who don't understand what you are saying and don't get you. But like you say, you ...what is it? Lead the willing? Yeah, that about sums up the whole life thing, huh.