Monday, March 27, 2006

What I said

Shawn: Why are you so quiet today?

Me: I've been quiet for two weeks at least!

Shawn: (jumps to view computer screen and seeing blog page up just laughs) Just wanted to make sure you're not viewing porn.

Me: If I was viewing porn, I certainly wouldn't be quiet!

Oh, I *kill* myself!


shortensweet said...

And there is another 'special' quirk

Ancient Clown said...

What I said on G.G.'s post just now.

Help SAVE Team Sri Lanka.

The entire Sri Lankan team has been kidnapped from the Ancient Games. They made a dramatic appearance on my site this morning adding 16 to the flag counter I have(and got through 'reluctant nomad') pushing them into 4th place.
Then, just as quickly the entire flag counter was absconded and returned only now missing SRI LANKA.
I need people's help to keep the Ancient Games open and available to everyone.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

DCveR said...

At least he didn't thought you were dead like the guy in that urban legend...

bunnyjo georg said...

Ancient: Perhas the Sri Lanka team got lost on their way to Grandmother's house and eaten by the Big Bad Wolf in the Blogger Forest.

DCvR: I haven't been picking on him so he wonders what is up. His wife has left him with a serious attention deficiency. It is my supreme pleasure to abuse him daily, however, I have been too preoccupied as of late. His ego is suffering.

Mom said...

What Shawn said: "Hello, this is (name of company)"
Emily (8 years old): "Hello, can I speak to Laura (last name)"
Shawn: May I ask who's calling?"
Emily: "This is Emily."
Shawn: "I'm sorry, but Laura said she is taking calls from everyone except Emily."
Emily: (Undaunted!) "COME ON SHAWN!"
(Me: overhearing, and laughing very hard)

bunnyjo georg said...

That's my precocious, intrepid little girl! She takes after her mama.

Chill Daddy said...

Did you say SHAWN? I believe that's who answered the last time I called for you; he told me you'd been arrested for indecent exposure at Menard's.

Anonymous said...

chill........omg......oh my are alive an well. Hope your book is comeing along in good shape. I have reallly been teasing you lately, hope you understand my days are quite predicitable and long so I have to do something with my spare are, glad your back....

Guyana-Gyal said...

You mean this Shawn character is always doing stuff like this?

bunnyjo georg said...

Oh, yeah, that Shawn guy....he's something else. But it makes office life a lot more fun. He's the only one in the office that has a well-developed sense of humor and enough common sense to use it. Makes the days go faster, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Happy for you that u have a good crew next to you where you work. That does make the day go by so much nicer. Cant wait to meet the new guy in your life, heard he is very nice. Happy for you....and the girls. post more please, I miss your comments. ok?