Monday, March 13, 2006

Bedroom Update

Hey, now! It's not what you think, so get your mind out of the sewer along with all those other rats and listen to this:

Since the big Sunday night cleaning, the darlings have done tolerably well keeping the room clean. One time last week things had gotten scattered across the floor, so I *encouraged* them to get that dang room straightened up and within 15 minutes - voila! Cleanliness was restored!

So, things had gotten a little out of order again before they left to spend the weekend with their dad. It had been my intention to make them clean their room when they got home last night, but they were so happy to be home (hellow!?) that I just didn't have the heart to do it. Instead, I took them for a ride in our new *party wagon* and we took a walk on the pier. When we got home, Mamacita was exremely tired (late nights are not for me!) and I basically went to bed. little Angels intiated the room-cleaning on their own and got it all spiffed up in no time! Yay!

I love those little critters! Look at Emily's little monkey lips. So cute!


Mom said...

That is just wonderful! I mean, really really wonderful! And now I feel guilty because I didn't even look in their room when I was there because I thought it might be messy and I didn't want them to feel bad about me seeing it that way. Sorry!

bunnyjo georg said...

Well, judging from the rest of the apartment, I don't blame you! The girls have put me to shame, however....they've not been nearly as busy as I have....and other such excuses I like to tell myself.

shortensweet said...

the little if you can just teach them how to clean the rest of the apt :)