Friday, March 10, 2006

Mom's Taxi

Suburbia hath descended.

As of 6:15 p.m. EST yesterday, the last vestiges of my youth, savoir-faire coolness and self-aggrandizing pride have left me. I have officially embraced The Man, The Establishment. I have surrendered the last of my bohemian nonconformity to the equanimity of sedate living. I am now a mini-van owner.

Leaving behind my panache for coupes, I have embraced The Bloat - I mean, The Boat. Always preferring the low center of gravity coupes, I whipped around curves and sped along the byways of life with all the va-va-voom of my highly passionate nature. Now, I gracefully ease along the road in my New Yacht. Docking is giving me a pain in the ass and reverse boating is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. However, I no longer have to climb through the window of my car like Daisy Duke. I no longer have to use this stick thingy to turn on my headlights. I no longer have to fear the front end of my car falling off every time I apply the brake pedal.

And the best part of all is I don't have a car payment. Did I steal this vehicle? Not really. I'm sure the dealer put some profit in his pocket, but I guarantee that if I sold this vehicle tomorrow I could make at least $500 bucks on it and still give the new owner a deal. Mmmm. Ain't cash purchase power grand?

tra-la-la-la.... (that's me singing a happy-mountain bubbling-brook song while I breeze along the path of life.....)

The only bad part is that now I can't make fun of all the gas-guzzling idiots cruising around with their kids bouncing around their vehicles because now that's going to be me. Hmph!


Melissa said...

congratulations, miss suburbia. ;)

I'm just thankful you and the girls are riding around in something safe and reliable. I'm looking forward to visiting in the summer and we can all pile in your ride and head to the beach!

Chill Daddy said...

Who cares how good you look when it's sooooooooo practical.

I love my mini-van and I'm gonna drive one forever, even when my kids grow up and move away.

bunnyjo georg said...

Thank you, Melly, I totally agree. Being safe and reliable counts for a lot in vehicles. And of course when you come, we'll all hop in the *party bus* and get whiggy!

And Chilly Boy, you obviously missed the point. You not only missed it, but it is in a separate hemisphere altogether! Down-with-vans-up-with-party-buses!

Roo said...

Congats on the van. Though I have to agree with Ray. I love mine and will continue to own one. They are so comfortable and practical.

shortensweet said...

Yeah..nice ride for a chick with kids.
Love ya sista, glad you got something dependable and safe.
Just make sure the girls are buckled in nice and safe :)

Now you realize that you'll be a DD forever right?

Chill Daddy said...

I'm still not sure what hemisphere I'm supposed to be in, but I've thought of some pretty sweet ways to 'trick-out your ride'.

One of those white soccer-ball decals in the rear window, the way they contrast with the dark tint rocks.

The quintessential mini-van bumper-sticker: "My child is an honor roll student at 'Snobbington Acadedemy'" I don't know how well Grace and Emily are doing in school, but maybe you could peel one off somebody else's van.

A Jesus fish, you know, to make your van more like my van, hence: awesom-er.

bunnyjo georg said...

Chris said that I said for him to find me the best possible vehicle for $3000 and he did. He did. I'm just sad that I'm not a hot mama anymore. Hmph!

Bonnie Blithe said...


You make minivans hot!

Chai-rista said...

You're just cutting a wider swath with the new wheels. Think of it that way ...

DCveR said...

Aye, aye, skipper! That oil tanker should be terrible for parking indeed!
Of course a mini van is just another sign of old age...

Dad said...

Hey, Love your new ride! Take me for a spin. Love Dad

bunnyjo georg said...

Hi Dad! I've been thinking about you! Did you happen to read my post I wrote a few weeks ago about you? I think it is in my February archives. Hey, I'd LOVE to take you for a spin! When are you available, hm? ;)

Love you, dad.