Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I just had a weird thing happen. I went to Chill Daddy's blog from my link here and then took the "back button" way home, but instead of getting back Bunnyjo's bloggy page, I got a page that said I was "forbidden / this page." Anyone know what the hell that means?

Hey, and anyone know where Grandma's been? She hasn't been commenting these last few days...I miss her comments!


Marcheline said...

Yeah - I've been getting that same "forbidden" message a lot when traversing from blog to blog (sometimes even trying to access my own blog) but hitting the "reload" button usually resolves it.

Someone at Blogger has been screwing around with the system, apparently.

Roo said...

I've been getting the "forbidden" message too.

shortensweet said...

Me too..but I do what marcheline does and it is fine after that.
Grandma has tendon something and isn't able to comment anymore..it hurts her to much to type.
I, too, miss her comments.