Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A quickie

Hi everyone! I know you are missing me and wondering why I haven't posted anything real or thought-provoking or insidiously clever lately, but I've been so busy actually working at work that I haven't had time to play at work like I used to. Corporate hell! Hmph.

But I'm busily concocting a scathing commentary on the insipid news media right now, so hang tight, my peoples. Wit is on its way!




shortensweet said...

Who is going to give us some wit?
tee hee hee
we'd rather hear about your date.

Anonymous said...

a great idea SS. I agree!

Chill Daddy said...

I'll pass on the date...bleecth! Come to think of it, I'll pass on the insipid scathing news commentary thingie, too. What if I'm motivated to have an opinion or something? Or worse yet, what if I'm convinced of something?

Im so angry, Im so at ease said...

Hey! What's all this, here you try to get me posting with alchoholic influences and haven't got the time yourself:P hehe

Anonymous said...

bunny post whatever you please I will read it with joy....maybe not understand it however I promise to read whatever you post.